This full-fledged course is meant for those who want to communicate in an impressive and effective way. Pronunciation of both British and American English with accentual difference is taught with one to one training on speech sounds with the help of the high-tech language laboratory.
Complications of Grammar are driven home by discussions and drills to ensure active student participation and clear understanding. Group discussions and presentations are designed to overcome nervousness and inhibition. Personality development tips are given to boost your confidence and self esteem to be a winning personality.


  • Accent neutralization training
  • Personalized training on speech sounds
  • Highly interactive conversational practice
  • Builds vocabulary to extend the knowledge of words, phrases and their usage
  • Role plays and presentations
  • Mock Interviews
  • Group Discussions

These tests would determine if a candidate has the language skills that are required to study or work in an English speaking country. IELTS confirms to the highest international standards of language assessment. offers an intensive IELTS and TOEFL (new generation) training course for 6 weeks to help candidates prepare for the exam. This course will provide a rigorous training

in each of the four sections of the exam i.e. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Students will have intensive practice in all the four modules. In addition, instructors will provide valuable strategies for IELTS & TOEFL test takers.


  • Rigorous training in each of the four sections of the exam
  • Intensive timed practice tests for all exam task types
  • Extensive speaking practices to be fluent and comprehensible
  • Tips on how to approach each module
  • Builds Confidence in all four modules of IELTS & TOEFL tests
  • Develops pronunciation through speech mellowing program
  • Strengthens Grammar and communication skills
  • Builds vocabulary to extend the knowledge of words, phrases and their usage
  • Personalized attention and guidance

AE specializes in "getting down to business," when "getting down to business" means doing business in English.

AE Business English programme aims at improving the fluency and language competence of executives who work in a business context and need English at work as well as students of management studies and job aspirants who plan to enter the business world at some point and use English there, by perfecting their ability to communicate in English at work, both with internal and external customers. Focus is given on the most common business communication situations by giving the trainees an insight into the complexities of those situations through role-plays and simulations. Training in business communication to presentation skills and personality development tips are integrated to enhance the performance at work and social situations.

On completion of the above course, candidates could opt for BEC (Business English Course) examination offered by University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate (UCLES) and conducted by British Council.


  • Relevant language and communication skills development in a variety of business situations.
  • Effective Communications Skills & High Impact Presentation Skills
  • Role-plays and case studies to discuss and resolve realistic company
    issue or problems.
  • Learner- centered training method.
  • Realistic and motivating communicative activities
  • Plenty of listening material with a wide range of international accent.
  • Specific business focused vocabulary development.
  • Telephone tactics
  • Emphasis on business correspondence.

You can upgrade the skills and performance of your workforce with our corporate courses. We offer a range of training solutions tailor made to suit your needs and delivered at your business premises. We also can provide the same training at the international ambience of our Academy, with a high tech language lab and other high-end facilities.


  • A flexible study programme
  • Covers most of the business communication situations
  • Mastering Telephone Skills for Persuasion & Impact
  • Personality Development tips
  • Strategies for Developing a Culture of Excellence
  • Mastering Communication skills to achieve better working
    relationships and greater productivity!
  • Role plays and simulations
  • Interactive training method
  • Importance on accent training and better pronunciation
  • Best value for your training budget


  • English for Medical Professionals
  • English for Hotel Professionals
  • English for Teachers

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